YISE Reopening/Minyan Planning - Tisha B'Av Edition

Submitting a form is NOT guarantee of registration for a specific Minyan.. Please wait for an additional email which will list your specific Minyan assignments. We regret that we may not be able to accommodate all requests at this time.

If you want to make changes to your request or if you have not received assignments and would like help, please email minyan@yise.org. DO NOT submit multiple forms for one person.

Important Halachic information is available at wp.yise.org/covid-minyan-halacha

Guidelines for Minyanim at YISE during the reopening process:

The current plan is to reopen YISE for a limited set of Minyanim, with limited attendance, beginning on Monday, June 15. Please read the following guidelines, which will apply until further notice. Anyone who attends a Minyan without registering in advance, or who does not follow these guidelines, will be asked to leave the building.

If you have any problems completing the form or if you have any questions, please contact minyan@yise.org

I agree to abide by these guidelines.

Contact Information

Please do not attend ANY Minyan without receiving confirmation that you have been assigned to that Minyan.

Based on initial responses, we plan to notify everyone via email on Sunday, June 14, of their current status.

If we have questions during the scheduling process, we will contact you via email and/or telephone. Please list your contact information:

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Minyan Selection

Minyan times are currently set so that there is no overlap and sufficient time for everyone to leave the building before the next Minyan starts.

Minyanim will take place in the Belonofsky Sanctuary and the Social Hall. The location of each Minyan has not been set yet.

Please mark all Minyanim which you are interested in attending and, if you are interested in more than one Minyan in a section, select your preference. We will try to satisfy as many requests as possible.

Wednesday afternoon, Erev Tisha B'Av

Note that there will not be an Eicha reading in Shul. Eicha will be read on Zoom at 9:45pm

I am able to attend:

5:30pm Ashkenazi Mincha 6:00pm Ashkenazi Mincha 7:00pm Ashkenazi Mincha 8:10pm Sephardi Mincha/Maariv 9:07pm Ashkenazi Maariv

I prefer the following:

Thursday morning, Tisha B'Av

Note that there will be minimal Kinos in Shul.

I am able to attend:

6:00am Ashkenazi Shacharis 7:00am Ashkenazi Shacharis 8:45am Ashkenazi Shacharis 9:15am Ashkenazi Shacharis

I prefer the following:

Thursday afternoon, Tisha B'Av

I am able to attend:

2:00pm Ashkenazi Mincha 8:00pm Ashkenazi Mincha 6:45pm Sephardi Mincha/Maariv (Plag) 9:06pm Ashkenazi Maariv

I prefer the following:

Preferred Location - WOMEN Only

There are limited spaces available for women in the Belonofsky Sanctuary balcony and in the Social Hall. If you are a woman and have a preference, please select it below:

I prefer the following:

Additional Details

If you have any specific comments, questions or additional information, please list them below: