Automatic Eruv Status Notification

To receive automatic weekly notification of Eruv status please complete the following form.

While there is no charge from the Silver Spring Eruv Association, sending emails to a cellular phone or other portable device may result in charges from your wireless provider.


In order to make this system as useful as possible for the maximum number of people, the messages will be kept very short. This will allow use of the system with Nextel and other digital phones that accept text messages, Blackberry systems, alphanumeric pagers, etc. as well as traditional email systems.

All the system needs from you is a name and a valid email address.

If you have a cellular phone, you may be able to use one of the following email addresses:


This information will ONLY be used for Eruv status notification: This information will NOT be used for: If you have any questions about this system or if you want to CANCEL your automatic notification, please send an email to:

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